A Real Outdoor Rowing Machine

A Real Outdoor Rowing Machine


If I didn’t know that this was the result of a student competition, I’d be in fear of seeing Richard Simmons on one of these things. But I’m resting assured knowing that the young minds who created such a novel concept wouldn’t dare let anyone so crass ruin their invention.

They came up with something they call the Tu-Fin. It’s a cross between a canoe and an elliptical machine. You the exercise fanatic pump your arms back and forth, and that makes the boat go. It’s as simple as that.

The Tu-Fin is 8 meters long (or 26 feet), and it can get up to 6.5 knots if you’re really cranking. It’s also a rethinking of the whole rowing concept because that activity has you facing backward so you never get to see where you’re going.