Lazy Thumb Cell Phone Only Has Three Buttons

Lazy Thumb Cell Phone Only Has Three Buttons


I’m not exactly sure how functional or usable this design would be, but it certainly is a major departure from conventional thought. The “Lazy Thumb” cell phone created by Koo Ho Shin does not have a normal numerical keypad nor does it have a touchscreen. Instead, it sports a unique sliding mechanism operated by just three buttons.

You see, while most sliders consist of two parts — the top half and the bottom half — the Lazy Thumb has three levels of sliding, giving it three kinds of functionality. The rest of the input is done primarily through voice-activation, including speech-to-text SMS messaging. Just don’t try to use it in the library.

On a side note, I like the look of the high-end model, but the conventional model looks a little too much like a generic MP3 player for my tastes.