iRiver T50 MP3 Player Gets in the Groove

iRiver T50 MP3 Player Gets in the Groove


Groovy man! Like, literally, because the newly revealed iRiver T50 series MP3 player does not have a silky smooth casing like all the other DAPs out there. It’s got texture. It’s got personality. It’s got “a nice elegant design.”

On the feature front, you won’t find anything out of the ordinary. Instead, you get a small but useful 65k color LCD display, a five-way joystick for ease of navigation, and a single gig of on-board memory to stash all your songs and voice recordings. When you get tired of your own collection, you can hop on over to the “world band” FM tuner for some deejay action. One tidbit that I find particularly appetizing, though, is that the T50 boasts an incredible 52 hours of battery life.

No word on pricing, but iRiver is expecting to commence sales of the T50 MP3 player — available in black or white — on April 14th of this year. Pre-orders are being taken now.