Temco Skull-Rattling Bone-Conduction Bluetooth Headset

Temco Skull-Rattling Bone-Conduction Bluetooth Headset


Deejay-style headphones can be awfully clunky and even the best silicon ear buds can get a little uncomfortable after a while. This new handsfree Bluetooth headset from Temco is something quite different, sending those pulsing audio waves through your skull rather than through your ears. You see, the HG40SAN-TBT implements bone conduction technology.

There are no earpieces to be found here. Instead, “you can still hear music and conversations with the vibrations emitted by the headset thru your skull.” You get three hours of talk time or five hours of music time on a single charge. Weighing in at 50 grams, the Temco HG40SAN-TBT supports HSP, HFP, and A2DP.

Current retail price is 13,800 Yen (US$117) in Japan only.