XR-3 Electric-Diesel Hybrid Trike Gets 225 Miles Per Gallon

XR-3 Electric-Diesel Hybrid Trike Gets 225 Miles Per Gallon


These three-wheeling vehicles are certainly getting popular these days, but the one big thing that sets the XR-3 apart from its competition is that it is an electric-diesel hybrid capable of getting 225 miles on the gallon. For short trips, you can eschew the diesel combustion engine altogether and get a 40-mile range on electric power alone.

The XR-3 is futuristic-looking, sure, but the design is actually very intelligent. When in hybrid mode, you can essentially get three-wheel-drive with the front pair of wheels getting powered by the diesel side of things, whereas the single fat tire in the back gets its spin from the electric motor.

In terms of good news, you may be able to drive one of these as early as this May. The bad news is that you’ll have to construct it yourself (or hire someone to do it for you), because the company is only planning to release body and chassis kits to accompany the plans: they’re not manufacturing the XR-3 trikes themselves. No word on pricing.