Panasonic Unloads Sixteen Stereo Headsets

Panasonic Unloads Sixteen Stereo Headsets


I love my music, but I also love keeping my music private. Panasonic has just unveiled sixteen new additions to their audio headset line, spanning tiny ear buds at one end, right up to the huge deejay-style cans on the other end. Yes, sixteen new sets of headphones, just in time for the first day of spring.

The quick hitting reporter at Akihabara News provided this information:

Models RP-HC500, RP-HC150, RP-HTX9 and RP-HC30 have a noise cancellation system.

Models RP-HJE500, RP-HJE300 and RP-HJE200 are micro-headsets in aluminum.

Models RP-HNJ300/200/35 have straps.

Finally, models RP-HV365/HV245/HJ240/HV240/HJ220/HV220 are just basic headsets.

I know, not exactly descriptive, but based on the pictures, it looks like Panasonic has all their bases covered.