Holster Your Gadgets in Style

Holster Your Gadgets in Style


This promo is actually for two items, as the photo sort of makes clear. Both are updates to the classic fanny pack, and both hold a large handful of your favorite gadgets, so your hands are free to hold … even more gadgets.

Both the Gadget Shoulder Holster and the Gadget Hip Holster are from Thinkgeek, and both do the same thing, resting on your body in different ways. The pockets are numerous, and the color (jet black) is enough to hide even the most wildly colored mobile phone or MP3 player. Oh, yes, you can use some of the pockets for old-fashioned items like keys, pens, and money—if you have room for that sort of thing once the pockets are crammed with a phone, PDA, flash drive, etc.

You can get either or both of these now (although we wouldn’t recommend wearing them both at the same time) for US$50 (shoulder) and US$60 (hip).