AnyTrack GPS-100: Small, Stealthy, Wireless Tracking

AnyTrack GPS-100: Small, Stealthy, Wireless Tracking


Tracking other people or things is much easier if you have a tiny device that can blend in with its surroundings. Such is the case with the Any Track GPS-100, a wireless location tracker from AnyDATA. This super-lightweight baby can be slipped in a purse, laptop bag, or car glove box. It can be clipped on a jacket or pants pocket or even a dog’s or cat’s collar. And its built-in GPS antenna runs on CDMA frequencies, broadcasting its location wherever it goes, even indoors.

You can find the device’s precise location by logging on to the AnyDATA secure website and plugging in your requisite security data. Then, it’s just a matter of plotting how long it will take you to get to that location and whether your dog/teenager/MP3 player will still be there when you arrive.

The system is a bit pricey, with a one-off US$199 purchase price for the device, an activation fee of US$29, and a monthly fee of at least US$14.95.