Sony’s New In-dash Multimedia Navigation System

Sony’s New In-dash Multimedia Navigation System


This is one impressive automobile navigation system. It’s the NV-XYZ777 from Sony, and it fits right in your dash and integrates with your car sound and driving systems.

The 6.5-inch WVGA screen will come in handy when you tune in Digital Terrestrial TV (not to watch while you’re driving, however). Plugging in an MP4 via Memory Stick or loading up one from the 30GB hard drive is possible as well, and you’ll no doubt like the normal, full, and wide options on the viewscreen.

You’ll also appreciate the automatic tuner. Sound system looks to be good, with a 50-watt sound system and built-in amplifier, both augmented by a nine-band graphic equalizer.

This being Sony, the device also offers 3D animated real-time shots of 10,000 preselected places in Japan. And that’s where it will be available from today, for US$900.