SMART Launches $99 Registration for U.S. Market

SMART Launches $99 Registration for U.S. Market


Asked to list car-related expenses under US$100 and you probably wouldn’t come up with a reservation for an entire car. But that’s exactly what you can do if you’re in the market for the new SMART model, the fortwo.

Basically, you go to this website and signify your intent to buy one of the hip, small vehicles when they hit North America. You’ll be charged US$99 for your trouble, and that doesn’t even get you anything other than a spot on a list of prospective buyers. That money does help DamilerChrysler decide which dealers will get the most models for their lots and showrooms. If you don’t happen to get yourself and your money down to the dealership before they’re sold out, you’ll be able to get your “deposit” back.

Price tag on the U.S. model is expected to come in just under US$12,000. That’s for the PURE model, which doesn’t come with a stereo. If you upgrade to the PASSION model, you’ll get an AM/FM radio with a CD player and some other enhancements (including power door locks and heated side mirrors) for US$2,000 more. And for a further US$3,000, you can have the PASSION CABRIO, like the one in the photo, which comes with a 6-CD changer, heated rear window and other fun features. For all models, you can choose your color as well, from black, white, red, yellow, and blue.