Motorola MW810, ML910 Rugged Laptops Survive Siberian Cold

Motorola MW810, ML910 Rugged Laptops Survive Siberian Cold


With a wide range of tough iDEN phones on the market, Motorola has proven that they can build some rather rugged electronics. The MW810 and ML910 laptops bring that same level of toughness, adding one extra feature into the mix to ensure that you’ll have no problem operating the portable computers even in the deepest of colds. You see, these ultra rugged notebooks come with some sort of heating mechanism that warms up the hard drive. This way, if you’re stuck in the Antarctic, the lappy will still work. Finding a WiFi signal is a different story.

Hopefully, this “heating mechanism” won’t instigate one of those nasty battery fires, because you’d hate to go from freezing your butt off to having to put out a flaming inferno. The rest of the specs are what you’d expect from an industrial strength laptop: weather-resistant casing, built-in GPS, and integrated Bluetooth.

No word on pricing, but the Motorola MW810 and ML910 will be on display in DC at FOSE 2007.