Italy Bans Mobile Phones in Class Rooms

Italy Bans Mobile Phones in Class Rooms


With one act of government, an entire population of school children are unable to bring mobile phones into classrooms. This just happened in Italy, the first European country to enact such a ban.

News reports of mobiles being used to film wrongful acts surfaced late last year and were the latest in a growing outrage of what educators see as students’ unnecessary use of such communication devices. Educators in other countries have spoken out more vocally in recent months to push awareness of the misuse of mobiles, especially for cheating. Smartphones especially are among devices that have been found to have been used to unfair advantage by enterprising students.

In Italy, the tough new rules enacted by the Ministry of Education stipulate that students caught with mobiles in class will at the very least have those phones confiscated for an extended period of time. One of the harsher punishments calls for violators to be banned from final exams.