Philips 598 Cell Phone Tells Women They’re Too Fat

Philips 598 Cell Phone Tells Women They’re Too Fat


Philips is telling us that the 598 cell phone is designed specifically “for women” with all sorts of features that the feminine contingent may appreciate. We’re not just talking about the glossy black casing accented by shiny gold trim. It’s got a digital diary and datebook, shopping list, discount manager (which I guess goes well with the shopping list), body weight index, and basal metabolic rate measurement. Why don’t they do like some of those phones available in Japan that keep track of that time of the month too?

I don’t know about you, but most of the women that I have encountered just want a phone that looks nice and is easy to use. Sure, there’s a contingent of tech-heads out there too, but then again, they probably wouldn’t be all that interested in the basal metabolic rate feature.

One female commenter said, “As a woman, this phone does nothing for me. I don’t need a phone version of a Cosmo mag telling me I’m too fat.”