The Fanny Pack Has Never Been This Cool

The Fanny Pack Has Never Been This Cool


Following the recent trend toward wearing your speakers on the outside of your body and not embedded in your ears, we have the Sound Box Waist Bag, which looks like a small fanny pack of old with new technology thrown in: It’s a speaker for your DAP.

We don’t get a whole lot of information from the supplier, but we can tell you that your MP3 player fits inside the fanny pack, keeping it free from grabbing hands and random raindrops.

Just imagine. You could be one of those guys with a fanny pack around their front, tunes blasting upward at you and your puzzled passer-byers, maybe some Warrant – She’s my cherry pie, all while roller skating down the beach walk on a hot summer day with your white sweatband and super short cut off jeans, no shirt, and a thick gold chain. I’m sorry you had to picture that.