LG Chocolate Flip Gets Colorful for Alltel

LG Chocolate Flip Gets Colorful for Alltel


While the LG Chocolate flip phone (VX8600) has been offered by Verizon Wireless for months, the checkmark of a mobile provider has yet to add a dash a color into those glossy black cheeks. Alltel Wireless is releasing its own version of the clamshell, except their casting glossy black aside in favor of Vivid Blue, Lime Green and Champagne Gold. Also known as the AX8600, these flip phones are functionally identical to the VX8600, except for the colorful casings.

What this means is that you get the same electrostatic (touch sensitive) music controls on the front cover, the same 176 x 220 internal display, and the same 1.3 megapixel camera. Other key features include an integrated music player (naturally), a small color external display, and a microSD memory slot.

No word on price.