SendStation iPod Dock Combines Cables

SendStation iPod Dock Combines Cables


Despite being slightly dismayed at the tentacle-like look of this device, we can see the wisdom behind the SendStation PocketDock AV. As its name suggests, it’s a very small iPod dock that packs a lot of power in its small and relatively inexpensive (US$36.95) frame.

You can connect composite or S-Video, if iPod Video is your thing. You can hook up left and right speakers. You can connect a microphone and even a plain old USB device, like a laptop, for heavy-duty jamming or viewing.

They will be out in stores starting early April. One thing you might want to do until then is figure out where to store all those cables when they’re not all in use. They’re all connected, yes, but that can be an inconvenient thing since a case is not included.