Qrio PMP Is One Tiny Video Player

Qrio PMP Is One Tiny Video Player


While there are several portable media players out there rocking huge 4-inch or even 7-inch color displays, Qrio is taking a completely different approach with their PMP, as the G4 boasts just a 2.4-inch QVGA LCD. Yeah, you might need to squint a little, but it’s still better than watching videos on a cell phone.

The small aluminum body on the Qrio G4 PMP also houses 4GB of Flash memory and a “mirror-type design.” The 62 gram player is said to have “essential functions and sleek design with good price.” It’ll handle the usual suspects of file formats and play them back for three hours (video) or seven hours (music).

Asking price is 110,000 KRW (US$116).