Wearable Speakers Shout to the World

Wearable Speakers Shout to the World


This takes wearable speakers to a new level. Whereas those were designed to sort of hide the fact that you were wearing outside speakers, the Soundwalk is designed to blare out not only your music, but also the fact that you’re WEARING SPEAKERS ON YOUR SHOULDERS.

Despite the come-hither approach of the ad, the Soundwalk MP3 Vest is a solid alternative if you want to store your MP3 player and/or mobile and be able to access them easily while still being able to have a conversation or a jam conversation out in the open. You can also switch between MP3 player and mobile without using your hands.

It probably goes without saying that you don’t need headphones or earbuds for this one. You won’t need them, except to issue to people you pass on the street who might not want to hear your tunes coming at them at high volume.

The vest has reflective capabilities for wearing outside at night. If you do use this product at night, you’ll appreciate that black is one of its two colors (red being the other).