MediaREADY Gets Iced Out and Releases Bling Player

MediaREADY Gets Iced Out and Releases Bling Player


I guess when you see a distinct trend in the marketplace, you have to cash in while it’s still hot. Thanks to people like Paris Hilton and Paul Wall, bling is in and everyone wants diamond-encrusted everything. Trouble is that most people can’t afford to toss diamonds into their teeth and hang them from their ears. What is a budding socialite to do?

Want affordable ice that is actually functional? Then feast your eyes on the Bling Player from MediaREADY. Yes, you read that right: the company is actually calling it latest MP3 player the Bling Player. The features aren’t terribly impressive — 1.8-inch TFT display, 2GB Flash memory, picture and video support, 7 user chosen equalizers, FM radio tuner, USB 2.0 — but this player certainly lives up to its name. It’s really shiny with all those faux jewels and crystals. In fact, it even comes with “matching design MediaREADY Quality Necklace Earphones.”

The price for this ice? A very cool $199. The MediaREADY Bling Player will ship not only to electronics stores this April, but also to clothing and jewelry retailers.