Lamborghini Diablo Dismantled, Re-Emerges as Alar

Lamborghini Diablo Dismantled, Re-Emerges as Alar


On the one hand, you have people taking Pontiac Fieros and kitting them out to look like Lamborghini Diablos. On the other hand, you have people that bastardize the proud Italian car and turn it into an outlandish monstrosity. We’re looking at the latter today. Joan Ferci took a classic Lamborghini Diablo and completely re-thought it, making it bolder and more extreme. The result is the Lamborghini Alar, a sports coupe with Lotus-like front vents and a big gaping hole in the back that I can’t quite explain.

These official pictures show that the Alar is keeping the Lamborghini nameplate, golden bull and all. There are extra air vents up the wazoo, while I have reason to believe that the core engine has remained untouched.

What do you think? Does the Alar look hot and exotic or does it look just straight outlandish?