Dashboard Gadget Holder Makes ‘Em Cool Not to Use

Dashboard Gadget Holder Makes ‘Em Cool Not to Use


The best thing about this little device, despite its catchy name of “Grass Mat” Dashboard, is that it comes already installed. From the looks of it, you might think that you’d have to get out some glue or something and wedge those little plastic tendrils into their proper place before they’d sit up and do their thing.

No, Renault has done the heavy gluing for you and gone ahead and installed the “Grass Mat” right into the dashboard, where it can hold a good selection of your gadgets so you’re not tempted to use them while you’re driving. See, we think this is actually a safety measure: You’ll be so consumed with wanting your phone, PDA, DAP, etc. to nestle within the plastic confines of the “Grass Mat” that you’ll forget all about clicking through your music player while you’re navigating hairpin turns.

Of course, we should warn you as well that gazing too long at the dashboard and how well it grips your gadgets can lead to safety issues as well.

Here’s the fine print: It comes standard in the Renault Twingo, which isn’t sold in the U.S. Nor are most Renault models. But enterprising car buyers can hold of anything these days …