eFlyBook: Pricy Doc Viewer for Pilots

eFlyBook: Pricy Doc Viewer for Pilots


This is the kind of promise that we thought might be shown by the coming of age of the eBook reader. It’s the eFlyBook, an electronic document viewer from Arinc that has volumes of text, maps, and charts for pilots in training and out to study.

You can load other documents, of course, but many of the main ones are already there, including American terminal procedures, American airport facility directory, and high and low altitude en-route charts. You can even fill out forms and logs using the touchscreen interface. Why use paper when you dont have to?

The only thing is the eFlyBook doesn’t come cheap. It will set you back, US$1499, to be exact. That’s more than enough to cover the cost of all those documents, and several copies over. But that’s the price you pay for innovation sometimes.