SnoopTunes Lets You Share iPod Tunes Wirelessly

SnoopTunes Lets You Share iPod Tunes Wirelessly


You know that one big leg up that the Microsoft Zune has on the Apple iPod? You know how you can beam over your favorite ditty to another Zune owner, all without the need for wires? Well, by tossing on the SnoopTunes attachment, you can now do the same with Apple’s glossy music player.

The device itself looks like it belongs in an adult toy store, but the fun that can be had with it is completely family friendly. After all, it was dreamed up by a 16-year-old girl. What’s more, it seems to have a pretty major advantage over the Zune version of sharing: this one doesn’t limit you to three days or three plays.

The SnoopTunes is available only on eBay.