iPod-Powered Play List Jacket For a Night on the Town

iPod-Powered Play List Jacket For a Night on the Town


I don’t know how well it would go over at a business meeting, but it is certainly an interesting idea. Up until now, the only clothing items to feature iPod integration have been on the casual side of things. What if you want to jam to some Marilyn Manson while at a more formal event? Bagir Ltd. has just announced the “Play List Jacket”, the only tailored suit jacket for men designed specifically to be compatible with iPods.

They’ve “strategically” placed a pocket on the inside to hold your music player, and then you snake the headphone wire through the hidden loops on the inner lapel. Although you don’t have any dangling cables, it will still be plain as day that you’re listening to music, considering you have those white ear buds sticking out the side of your head. But hey, at least you’re styling in a contemporary, elegant jacket with a slim, trim silhouette.

The coolest thing about the jacket, though, is that you can fast forward, adjust the volume, and so on using the soft controls on the inner lapel. The Express Play List Jacket will sell for $248 when it ships next month. Matching pants are extra.