Cingular Store Transformed into “The New AT&T Experience Store”

Cingular Store Transformed into “The New AT&T Experience Store”


And so the transformation begins. A Houston Cingular store is the first to witness the transition, receiving an overhaul and emerging out the other end as a “new AT&T Experience Store.” Instead of just cell phones, this retail destination houses everything that falls under the AT&T umbrella. At more than 5,000 square feet, it’s a pretty big place.

They have the store set up as a series of “Stations”: At AT&T Entertainment, they’ve high-definition plasma TVs with Video on Demand; Home Connections rock the internet connections; Music adds XM Satellite Radio and Bluetooth speakers to the mix; Gaming lets you play on your cell phone; Messaging and Video highlights 3G handsets and Bluetooth accessories; and Laptop Mobility, E-mail and Data is geared for road warriors.

To further demonstrate their product line, AT&T has also outfitted the new store with four dozen screens, high-tech speakers, and a series of “Guided Selling Kiosks.”