Cadillac More Family Friendly With 2008 BLS Wagon

Cadillac More Family Friendly With 2008 BLS Wagon


I’m sure glad they plunked an L in the middle there; otherwise it could spark a whole lot of bad PR for a company that’s trying to re-establish a niche in the marketplace. Typically, when you think of Cadillac, you think of some pretty high class vehicles. Elvis loved them. But this is the first time that they have ever produced a Caddy wagon in the company’s 104-year history.

The 2008 Cadillac BLS Wagon was unveiled today by General Motors and it is being targeted at the European market only. They hope that it will do well there as consumers in Europe “desire a high degree of versatility and functionality in their performance luxury vehicles.”

There will be four engine choices at launch: three running on standard gasoline (173hp 2.0L, 207hp 2.0L, 252hp 2.8L) and one on diesel (148hp 1.9L).