AT&T SMT5700 Smartphone is The iPhone Alternative

AT&T SMT5700 Smartphone is The iPhone Alternative


Take a little Motorola Q, add a dash of T-Mobile Dash, toss in some BlackBerry for a bit of sweetness. What do you get? The AT&T SMT5700 smartphone, of course! Obviously, the new AT&T isn’t manufacturing this mobile computing solution on their own, but it will be bearing their badging just as the Dash doesn’t have any sort of HTC branding on it on our side of the pond.

Word is that the SMT5700, successor to the SMT5600, will run on Windows Mobile 5, rock a 2 megapixel camera, and have a full QWERTY keyboard. Other than than, we’re still waiting on more leaky information. You know, like price.

I think they’re going to market this as the alternative to the iPhone, because I’m guessing the Apple smartphone won’t appeal all that much to the business types. This way, they can capture both sides of the market. Clever.