A Never-Ending Pong Game On Your Chest

A Never-Ending Pong Game On Your Chest


Ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you the ultimate in geek chic. Before there was Grand Theft Auto, before there was Mario, even before there was Pac-Man, there was a simple video game that was all the rage that consisted of a pair of paddles sliding up and down the edge of the screen. If you’re a retro gamer and want to let the whole world now it, this animated (yes, ANIMATED) Pong t-shirt is totally for you.

While we’re not sure what kind of display the shirt uses, we do know that it only takes a pair of AAA batteries to operate. No, you can’t actually play Pong on it and it seems the score is stuck at 4-2 (not 2-3), but who cares? It’s a frigin’ Pong shirt!

The “Amazing Animated Gaming Fashion” Pong t-shirt is available at ThinkGeek for $24.99.