Kingston Adds AMBER Alert to USB Flash Drives

Kingston Adds AMBER Alert to USB Flash Drives


The benefit of this product is the partnership with AMBER Alert, the nationwide missing child program . With this standard-looking USB flash drive from Kingston, you get a Child ID Kit, into which you can program all manner of personal information about your child to help identify him or her if the unthinkable happens and a kidnapper strikes.

Among the categories of data are hair and eye color, birthdate, blood type, contact info, nicknames, and even body markings like tattoos or piercings. This being a flash drive, you can also include photos of your child, to help in an investigation.

The flash drive itself can hold just 512MB of data, so it’s not the kind of thing you’ll want to use for your heavy-duty data transfer needs. But it has its purpose. It also has a modest price: US$29.95.