Bose Car Stereo Packed with Modern Features, 30GB HDD

Bose Car Stereo Packed with Modern Features, 30GB HDD


Leave it to Bose to provide you with a comprehensive auto music system. The venerable audio products manufacturer has gone totally modern with the Bose Media System, a car audio system that incorporates traditional and modern technology into something that looks like it would fit in cars of today or of 20 years ago.

The duality of features includes AM/FM radio, CD playback, and satellite radio. Keeping with the modern theme, the company has added MP3 player plug-in and management and a 30GB hard drive, for storing all manner of audio data for your listening pleasure.

Typical of this manufacturer is the uMusic system, which takes intelligent playback to a new level by identifying similar songs based on your “mood” as exemplified by whatever you just chose to play.

We have this nice picture, but we don’t have nice and tidy pricing or availability. If history is any indication, however, the price will be a bit higher than most similar systems.