Incoming SMS: Random House Says Life’s A Pitch

Incoming SMS: Random House Says Life’s A Pitch


If you’re rocking an LG Chocolate or a Motorola RAZR, I’m not sure if this kind of service would be up your alley. Alternatively, if you’ve got a big-screened Treo or BlackBerry, you may better appreciate the possibilities. It seems that Random House has started delivering full chapters of books to their customers, not via courier or even email, but through a text message. And for the time being, it’s free.

They only have one book being offered at this time: “Life’s A Pitch”. The business manual is being served up one chapter at a time with the first edition already being sent out to mobile phones. After this “teaser”, you’ll have the opportunity to buy the full book for 40% off.

A question that arises with a service such as this, though, is that text messages are usually limited to a certain length, aren’t they? Wouldn’t that mean that you’d need a lot of messages to comprise an entire chapter of a book? And let’s not forget that reading on such a tiny display might not exactly be comfortable.