Zannel Puts Viral Videos in the Palm of Your Hand

Zannel Puts Viral Videos in the Palm of Your Hand


YouTube has got itself a pretty major competitor on its hands. Literally. Zannel is said to be “the first large-scale viral mobile entertainment network”, helping you share those random videos with just about anyone. You can access Zannel on your home computer or, to take full advantage of what it can do, through your cell phone at

Instead of sending costly MMS messages to each and everyone one of your friends, you can upload your video one time to Zannel and just send the link to your buddies via SMS. Much more cost effective, I’d say. There are “zero barriers to entry”; it doesn’t matter which carrier you’re on.

You can upload your own content, just like YouTube, but a bunch of bigger corporations are also on-board, giving you access to some of their fun stuff on your cell phone too. Notable names include Konami and Warner Bros. Pictures, as well as “top comedians, filmmakers, anime distributors and extreme sports producers.”