Next-Generation Microsoft Zune to Ship in August

Next-Generation Microsoft Zune to Ship in August


I’ve been fiddling around with a Zune the past few days and I can see why some people would complain about its chunky exterior, its crippled WiFi, and so on. As a freshman offering, it’s expected that the Zune won’t be perfect and there are kinks to iron out. It seems Microsoft has been working overtime on the Zune’s successor, as the second-generation music player from Billy Gates will apparently be ready as soon as this August. That is, if a random overheard conversation at GDC is to be believed.

In terms of what we should expect from the sophomore Zune, the current rumors have it rocking some video game support. I don’t think it’ll be quite the portable Xbox 360 we’ve been hoping for; it’s more likely that we’re getting the Tetris and Bejeweled treatment. There’s probably a hard drive upgrade in there too.

Is it too soon to release a successor? Well, Steve Jobs did say that the life expectancy of these kinds of devices is about a year before people itch for a replacement, so…