Toyota Hybrid X Concept Points to Next-Gen Prius

Toyota Hybrid X Concept Points to Next-Gen Prius


Although it’s not explicitly the next incarnation of the Prius, the Toyota Hybrid X is certainly pointing in that direction, telling us that future hybrids from Japan’s largest automaker will be more bubbly in appearance. In addition to the huge 20-inch wheels and super-low profile tires, the Toyota Hybrid X — unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show this week — sports a revitalized version of company’s Hybrid Synergy Drive. They say that they are one step closer to zero emissions with this vehicle.

The Hybrid X is 4500mm long, 1850mm wide, and 1440mm tall. The wheelbase measures 2800mm. You’ll also notice that they’ve eschewed conventional headlights, replacing them with “intelligent” LED lamps that are integrated into the dashboard.

They also say that the Hybrid X expresses two core themes:

J-Factor refers to the local and global acceptance of Japanese-inspired design and cultural form, while Vibrant Clarity is the design language used to express the J-factor. Through Vibrant Clarity, designers will infuse future vehicles with a completely original identity and emotional intensity that will be uniquely identifiable as coming from Toyota.