Studios to Beam Digital Films to Movie Theaters

Studios to Beam Digital Films to Movie Theaters


Here’s an interesting development in the world of movies. It seems that Hollywood is working on a solution that would allow the “instant” distribution of films to various theaters, sending them over satellite or broadband connections. This way, there is no physical film that needs to be shipped, no hard drive full of data that needs to be sent via courier. The three parties that are working together on this initiative are Universal Studios, Warner Bros. Entertainment and Digital Cinema Implementation Partners.

What’s particularly interesting about this idea is that if a particular movie gets sold out unexpectedly, theater operators could quickly open up another screen on a moment’s notice and satisfy several more customers. They haven’t said whether the movie will be downloaded or streaming, but if it’s the latter, I’m not looking forward to getting into an intense portion of the film only have it pause, displaying a message that reads “Buffering… 12%.”

The infrastructure costs, I’m sure, would be enormous, so officials have not yet offered a date as to when they hope to have it in place. You’ve also got to worry about pirates grabbing that transmission and reposting it online someplace.