Solar Car Charger Pumps Up Your Battery, Naturally

Solar Car Charger Pumps Up Your Battery, Naturally


There’s not much worse than getting back to your car and finding that the battery’s dead. No matter what caused it, you have to fix it.

The Sunsei SolarCharger addresses this problem by charging your car battery for you. As its name suggests, it derives its charging ability from the Sun’s rays. It doesn’t store its power for a week, though, so remember to get some sun every now and then and don’t keep your car cooped up in the garage all the time.

The Solar Charger comes in two models, the 135 and the 400. The smaller number means it charges a smaller car, 12 volts to be precise. If you have a larger vehicle, then you’ll need the 400. Both can sit on the dashboard or cling to the windshield via suction cups. Pricing is US$39.95 and US$89.95, respectively.