Size Matters: Mega Phone Is Just That, Mega

Size Matters: Mega Phone Is Just That, Mega


No, that’s not a model of a Star Trek starship. That’s a mobile phone, except that it’s not much of a mobile phone because it’s not very mobile.

The photo is definitely not to scale, because the Mega Phone is massive by mobile standards, measuring in at 5 feet, 7 inches tall. It comes with a podium, so you can stand it up without worrying about its falling over and crushing your foot. That podium comes with wheels, too, so you can wheel the phone around and save your back, too.

Despite its impressive size, this is a normal phone. You can use your hands (or feet) to access the keypad, which lets you take or make calls, send or receive text messages, get email, keep track of calendar and contacts, and even surf the Web.

It’s from a Finnish company called SysOpen Digia. The company envisions it as a promotional material, as in a trade show attention-getter.

We have to mention the most important sentence in the features list as well: “Delivered with an impact-resistant box for safe transport.” And no, we don’t have a price.