Panasonic WiFi Skype Phone Costs $400

Panasonic WiFi Skype Phone Costs $400


People don’t like paying high prices for their cellular calls and people don’t like forking out an arm and a leg to call long distance. As such, VoIP is quickly increasingly in popularity because it can be quite a ways cheaper than more conventional options. That is unless you plop down $400 on this WiFi Skype phone from Panasonic.

From what we can gather, it doesn’t really have anything special going for it other than a vague resemblance to the Linksys iPhone. Sure, it comes with an “executive” carrying case and a travel router so that you can plug into just about any Ethernet port and start chatting, but I’m thinking you can get a similar setup for less than $400 elsewhere.

The Panasonic KX-WP1050 Wi-Fi Skype phone is available now.