Macally J BOX Provides Portable Power for iPods

Macally J BOX Provides Portable Power for iPods


You live a busy lifestyle and you just can’t live without a fully powered-up arsenal of electronics. Macally has answered the call with the J BOX, a lithium-ion portable battery that is perfect for “business trips and outdoor activity.” You charge it beforehand via USB, and then when you need it, you go ahead and transfer that electrical juice to your device of choice, whether it be an Apple iPod, a digital camera, a cell phone, or what-have-you.

They don’t explicitly tell us how much power this puppy can pack, but they do indicate that the J BOX can give an iPod an extra six to eight hours of play time. Not bad at all.

The J BOX from Macally should be available now, at least in Korea, for less than 50,000 KRW (less than US$50).