Lotus Adds Hybrid to Lineup

Lotus Adds Hybrid to Lineup


Lotus have made a big splash at the Geneva Auto Show, taking the wraps off the EVE Hybrid, a low-emission sedan that incorporates a 1.6-liter Proton Gen-2 engine and an electric hybrid powertrain, with a resulting drop in emissions (172g/km to 134g/km) without a corresponding loss in fuel efficiency. Rather, the mpg went up, from 39.2 to 50.2. Part of that success comes from the continuously variable transmission.

Lotus, perhaps better known of late for its work on the Tesla Roadster and before for the Elise and Exige sports cars, is looking to build a bigger portfolio, thus the EVE, which stands for Efficient, Viable, Environmental.

That hybrid powertrain, by the way, can bolt you from 0 to 60 in 9 seconds and can reach a top speed of 118 mph on its 141hp.