Intel Working on Cell Phone Chip for iPhone Killers

Intel Working on Cell Phone Chip for iPhone Killers


Intel has suddenly become the promiscuous girl that Nelly Furtado was singing about. On the one hand, they made super nice with Steve Jobs and the rest of the Cupertino crew by offering Core Duo processors for Apple computers. On the other hand, Intel is said to be working on a new mobile phone chip that they will be marketing to companies other than Apple, potentially producing rivals that’ll give the iPhone a run for its money.

The two key features of this new chip are that it is low-power (beating out the iPhone’s not-so-good battery life) and low-cost (beating out the iPhone’s not-so-cheap price point). We haven’t heard precisely who Intel is working with regarding the new chip, but I’d imagine that folks like Samsung and so forth would be interested.

All this said, what’s stopping Apple from grabbing this new Intel chip for the second-gen iPhone?