Hang Timer Clocks Your Hang Time

Hang Timer Clocks Your Hang Time


Michael Jordan would have loved this.

One of the premier sustained leapers in the NBA, Jordan routinely stunned his fellow players and certainly onlookers with his ability to remain suspended in the air for much longer than seemed humanly possible. Many sports fanatics claimed to have timed his hang time, but he could have done it himself with the Hang Timer, a specialty sports watch from DropZone.

The timer can track your airbone time down to the hundredth of a second and can store up to 10 records for posterity, or certainly for bragging rights. You can, of course, set the time and date and track the temperature. The real appeal, though, is the stopwatch, which has a lap time function as well. The display options include best hangtime, total hangtime, and average time in the air.

The Hang Timer is water-resistant up to 3 meters. It runs on two AAA batteries and costs US$99.