Drag-n-drop Device Enhances Microscopic Biology

Drag-n-drop Device Enhances Microscopic Biology


Don’t think that drop-and-drag is just for graphic programs or computer desktops. Now it can be used in microbiology as well.

A group of Danish scientists has developed a device that gives biologists new options in the microscopic realm by incorporating computer technology and can manipulate up to 80 objects at once. Basically, a small motor is attached to each of the device’s mirrors, which has a designating cross-hair that shows just where the laser beam will focus.

All of this takes place so biologists can get a snapshot of cellular material. Up until now, scientists have had to painstakingly move the cross-hairs in between each shot, much like the filmmakers who create stop-action films. The process also enhances the resolution and the workspace. Moreover, it enables biologists without special expertise in optics to achieve results despite that lack of training.

A video of this device can be seen here.