Ten Megapixels on New Olympus EVolt DSLRs

Ten Megapixels on New Olympus EVolt DSLRs


If you’re serious about your digital photography, nothing short of a DSLR is going to satisfy your needs. Olympus is hitting up the higher end of the megapixel spectrum with their latest digital SLRs, the EVolt E-410 and EVolt E-510, both of which rock a full ten megapixels of high resolution goodness. That’s an upgrade from the 8MP available on their respective predecessors, the E-400 and E-500.

Olympus has also included TruPic III Turbo ASIC technology to increase “shadow detail on the fly”, mechanical image stabilization to cure those shaky hands (E-510 only), and live-view capability on the 2.5-inch LCD. If you prefer the old-fashioned route, there is still an optical viewfinder as well. Accompanying this pair of DSLRs are two new kit lenses as well: 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6, and 40-150mm f/4.0-5.6.

The Olympus EVolt E-410 and E-510 are expected to ship in May and June, respectively. No word on pricing, but the estimated street price for the E-510 is in the $450 range.