Charge Your Mobile Using USB

Charge Your Mobile Using USB


If there’s two things that every mobile Web surfer has these days, it’s a laptop and a mobile phone. The rare breed among us have smartphones that combine these two skillsets, but for the most part, the coffee shops, public parks, and college classrooms of today are filled with people carrying those two essentials.

And where do these folks put that mobile phone while they’re surfing? Right by the laptop. Seems a shame to not be able to charge it except by plugging in to a nearby electrical outlet—which kind of defeats the whole purpose of going mobile anyway.

Moixa has the solution to that dilemma, a mobile phone charger that can plug into your laptop’s USB port and get your mobile juiced up that way. We’d imagine that such charging would sap the battery of your laptop a bit, but you shouldn’t lose more than a few minutes’ worth of Web surfing.

No date set on when Moxia plans to ship this to retailers.