Russian Theater Installs Mobile Phone-Blocking Equipment

Russian Theater Installs Mobile Phone-Blocking Equipment


The oldest theater in the Russia has had to take matters of propriety into its own hands, by installing electronic equipment that blocks mobile phone signals within the theater’s walls. It seems that patrons couldn’t go without their mobiles for the couple hours that a play, opera, ballet, or even movie require. Much like their American counterparts, many Russians think nothing of yammering away in the middle of live performances. The Russians seem to be more cheeky, however, and less susceptible to the icy stares of their theater mates. More than once, actors have broken character and directed their venom at the chatty offenders, yelling them into silence so the performance could continue.

We’re talking about the Alexandrinksy Theater in St. Petersburg, which dates to 1756. Such a traditional theater now has up-to-date signal-blocking equipment, much to the chagrin of the establishment, who would rather that the problem went away on its own.

We hope that the equipment doesn’t interfere with necessary electrical fields like those found in pacemakers.