Mobile Boosters Get You Better Mobile Coverage

Mobile Boosters Get You Better Mobile Coverage


You don’t have to put up with unintelligible or dropped calls just because your mobile phone network can’t fix the problem. Other options are available to you (other than not using a mobile at all, of course).

One way to boost your signal and your conversation success is by using a passive antenna. This rabbit ears-like device can help you connect in areas you might not otherwise be able to. The theory is the same as the one that your car stereo tuner uses: the bigger the antenna, the better reception you get. Don’t expect to boost the signal, though, since you’re affecting only your end of the airwaves transaction.

That antenna won’t boost your signal, but a repeater will. This two-part device has been more likely to be found in business parks, with its antenna-base station combination requiring a bit more space than just you and your mobile. But as the size of the mobiles themselves has been shrinking, so have the size requirements of repeaters, so much so that you can, theoretically, carry one around with you, although it’s much more functional and less hazardous to use it in your garage or den or whichever room in your house doesn’t get the best coverage. As long as the antenna is within 25 feet of the base station, you’ll get a big boost in signal strength.

Passive antennas and repeaters are two sides of the same coin, the one that you flip when you want more from your mobile service than you can normally get.