Ferrari to Launch Rich Man’s Entertainment Center

Ferrari to Launch Rich Man’s Entertainment Center


Ferrari is continuing to branch out their brand. The latest addition to the line is the F80, a joint project with Meridian to deliver an entertainment center to dwarf the possibilities of the competition.

The best part of this is probably the look of it. You don’t see too many stereos like this, which is a big part of its attraction, aside from that well-known horse on the front, that is.

In the features department, it’s a bit limited. Yes, you can hook up your iPod or play CDs or DVDs or listen to the radio, but that’s about it. You can bet good money that the speakers are great, but it’s really good money that you’ll be forking over to get one of these.

See, the price is US$1,495. No, we didn’t misplace the decimal point. For that price, we would hope to get one of each of the five colors. If you have the cash to spare, though, look for it by April 1 (no foolin’).