TomTom Gets Back to Bases with Celebrity Voice-Overs

TomTom Gets Back to Bases with Celebrity Voice-Overs


Looking to differentiate itself from the crowd, TomTom has gone even further into left field with its celebrity voice-overs, recruiting Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling to record a handful of instructions and announcements in his chosen parlance, baseball-ese, to replace such mundane announcements as “You are approaching your destination.” Instead, once you plunk down your US$12.95 and download the Schilling Set, you’ll hear “You’re almost home! Slide! Slide!”

That’s just the beginning. Other baseball phrases and terms follow. It’s all part of TomTom’s new celebrity-focused plan. You can also download voice-overs from Burt Reynolds, Dennis Hopper, and Mr. T. (We pity the fool who doesn’t enjoy that one.)

In the less-than-celebrity department, you can choose from Granny Rose, Bubba, Bambi, and Brock. The latter two can be downloaded separately or together.