Sanyo Retro Boombox Does Cassettes, Too

Sanyo Retro Boombox Does Cassettes, Too


If you’re of a certain age, you might just remember these things called cassette tapes. The generations before Gen X used to have a slew of them, and they were a natural progression after LPs and 8-tracks. Now that we have CDs and MP3s, there’s not too much call for cassettes anymore. But if you still have a box full stowed away in the attic, go ahead and pull them out and relive your teen years with the MAJ-U02 from Sanyo.

This is truly a multimedia device because it will blast your music no matter what form that musical data is in. It runs cassettes, CDs, SD cards, MMC cards, and even flash drives. (No LPs or 8-racks, though.) The integrated USB ports means that you can even hook it up to your PC or laptop. Completing the retro theme is a digital FM tuner.

Price is US$205, and it’s available now.